Not getting booked? 

Not showing up where you want in search results? 

Not finding the right clientele that fit your style and brand? 

We can fix that. Let me take a look at what you're doing and we can turn your business into a brand. We will define a unique brand identity for you and build unique experiences for your clients. I'll take a look at your website and make sure you're optimized for search engines, so that you show up in desired search results. We'll take a look at your analytics, and make sure your website is working for you! 



Build for Growth

Build for Growth

Reach new Clients
We'll explore the best ways for you to reach new people and engage with more potential clients. 

Build a Tribe
Let's turn your followers and friends into your tribe that will interact with your work, share your messages, and bring more attention to your photography.

SEO & Marketing
The best way to improve your online presence quickly and effectively, let's put together the building blocks to run your brand. 


Marketing Services

Marketing Services


Marketing & SEO Services

I've put together some great options that I've found are most beneficial to photographers, that will allow us to put in effective Marketing strategies for your business. 




1 on 1 Brand Consulting Call

The 1 on 1 Brand Consulting Call focuses on discussing the current issues your brand is having and coming up with creative solutions in which we can overcome any obstacles. We will focus on building desire and creating efficient methods at reaching the right clientele. 




Marketing Strategy & Action Plan

The Marketing Strategy & Action Plan focuses on creating an entire Marketing strategy for your brand, and delivering an Action Plan that will provide steps to effectively accomplish the goals set. Marketing strategy, SEO, Social Media techniques, Price and Package review, and targeting your ads will all be addressed. 

Let's build your brand and create something uniquely you, that provides a great experience. Do you want to fix your brand and create something special?  



“I can’t say enough about how helpful Michael has been! He went above and beyond to make thoughtful recommendations about how to improve my business. I was inspired with new and unique ideas just by speaking with him.”


“SEO is a tough equation to crack. For a while it seems that I have been toiling, updating, changing, and enhancing pieces of my website to become more SEO friendly, but I was never gaining any ground. Then I was recommended to Michael. He gave me a full breakdown of my website, items that worked, that didn’t work, and gave me goals to work towards. He has been extremely helpful as I have been reworking my website and I can give him credit for the gains that my site has received.”



“In the last several months since I hired Michael I have seen a significant increase in inquiries and I have watched my site jump up in Google’s search rankings. He’s also directed me and given me a more clear vision for myself, my style, and my brand and has helped me to market myself to my ideal clientele. I have witnessed first hand that here are some things on the business side of photography that you can do yourself, but hiring a professional to guide you through this can significantly help you in the long run. Investing in your business is imperative, and I believe that investing in a marketing consultant is a worthwhile investment. If you are struggling with this whole SEO thing (like most of us are, honestly. Not even going to act like it isn’t confusing.) He can help you one-on-one not only make your site accessible and rich in SEO, but help you break down your workflow, brand, and what may be potentially holding you back. He can truly help you build a good foundation for your business and teach you how to business long term and how to stop making your life way harder than it has to be.”