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Find your weirdness

Find your weirdness

Everyone sees the world a little differently than the next person, so why would you want your photos to look just like everyone else's? Find your weirdness, do things your way, explore your vision and be creative!

Feel free to be inspired by others, and you will find others with a similar style, but you will always be you, so let your photos show it. 

It doesn't have to be something you do for paid work, you can create your own niche and weirdness with a personal project, you'll find that the experience you gain and the things you learn while pushing your personal creativity, will bleed into all aspects of your work. 

Here's some of my weirdness, photos I took so I could try something different, either on a different medium, or just a different technique. 


A Foggy Winter Morning and Red Dress

A Foggy Winter Morning and Red Dress

I was sitting at home on New Year’s day and my phone beeped, there was going to be a severe fog advisory for the next morning. I immediately looked over at Cassie and told her we needed to get someone to shoot in the morning at sunrise.

Hosanna graciously was available on last minute notice and came over before sunrise to get ready. We drove to the spot but it still required walking about a quarter mile down a road that was quite muddy due to the recent rains we had. We trudged through and while the fog mostly lifted, we reached the location that I’ve had in my mind for this red dress.

Being a memphis wedding photographer, i’m always looking for unique spots and places to shoot captivating photos. I love capturing moments, the split second that gets captured for perpetuity.


Widelux Wednesday 1

Widelux Wednesday 1

I met Shane when I was almost 4 years old, I moved in next door to him. We quickly became best friends and did everything together. When I had my first girlfriend, she had a friend Becky, who Shane dated briefly in High School. After not seeing each other for 10 years, they reconnected a couple of years ago and have been together ever since. Shane invited me along to capture his proposal to his High School sweetheart, even after all of these years.

I can’t wait to see these two get married.


The Red Ball Project came to Memphis back in May and I was fortunate enough to get a few photos while it was here. It’s a really unique and fun project, that I loved taking photographs of.


The band Avon Dale hired me to shoot a few photos for their new music coming out soon, and I knew I had to shoot some great shots for these guys to live up to their musical talent. It’s such an authentic sound, I can’t wait for the final EP to get released. Check them out and don’t miss out.

Widelux Wednesday 3

Widelux Wednesday 3

A couple months ago, I was able to go visit the amazing Stephens Gap for the second time. On an early Sunday morning, I took off with Claire, Allison, and Joey. In the early spring, when I visited last time there was much more water coming. In late July, it was very dry and barely any water was flowing. It doesn’t stop the amazing beauty of the cave, and being in it is breathtaking (and refreshing since it’s naturally in the 60’s down there).



After Stephens Gap, I got to show Joey, Allison and Claire my favorite hidden tea house, and this time I was shot color to showcase the beautiful green forest that surrounds it. When I went back in February it was covered in fog and wasn’t nearly as vibrant as it was on this past trip.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Stephen’s Gap, make sure to get a permit and go because it’s such a beautiful place to visit and to photograph.





As always, my Widelux photos are available for print, if you’re interested in one, send me a message and I’ll provide you with information.


Sunrise Shoot in Orange Beach

Sunrise Shoot in Orange Beach

Last week I managed to convince Cassie to get up at 5:30 AM so we could go shoot some of the early morning light. After copious amounts of coffee and promises of cooking breakfast for her when we got back we made it to the beach without another soul around.

There had been a lot of storms rolling thru that week, so we had some amazing cloud cover. I kept referring to this as Twylight because I think ocean front cloudy photos are a sure secret to Twyla Jones success. It was definitely beautiful and I’m ready to go back to shoot some more.



This was taken on a Contax 645 w/ Kodak Portra 400. It’s also from my inaugural attempt at developing C41 color film, which I had only done black and white film previously.