Most photographers I know don't keep their blogs updated. Heck, my photography blog hasn't been updated in months (regardless of when you read this, it's probably still true) it can be tough when Instagram and Facebook make sharing a photo easy, and on those networks you can see the amount of likes and comments you'll get, while on a photography blog... you won't see nearly the same amount of engagement.



But for SEO, it's important to blog, it's important to try and draw an audience off of social media sites and have them regularly checking your site. It's important to have recent work posted so when a potential client looks at your site, they have something interesting to look at! 

But posting only your paid shoots, you're gonna realize that people aren't really staying on your site for very long, and that these posts aren't bringing in significant traffic after the first few days. 

That's where Evergreen content comes into play. Evergreen content is content that stays relevant all year round. 

Take a look at Grace and Jaden's great post on the best places to Elope on the Oregon coast

It does a great job of showcasing some of the most sought after Elopement places in their area, which can help a future bride make a selection on which location she may prefer, while at the same time it advertises Grace and Jaden's absolutely amazing work at these locations. If I was to elope on the Oregon coast, there would only be one photographer I'd even consider after checking out that single page. 

Another perfect example of Evergreen content is Cassie Cook's post on the benefits of doing a First Look. She found herself having the same conversations with brides about doing a first look, here in the South it's typically more preferred to have a traditional wedding, but from a photographer's point of view, there's so many positives to having a first look, that I believe it's shifting towards more first looks and less traditional as time goes on. This allows Cassie to lay out all of the Pro's and Con's, and being able to reference this for future brides who may be undecided. 

When you start to have the same conversation with multiple clients, it's probably a great topic to consider for Evergreen content. 


Here are some things to consider when writing Evergreen content:

  • The same topic manages to come up with multiple clients.
  • You have an expertise on a process that others don't know much about.
  • Make it a Resource for your Industry
  • Evergreen Content can be updated as you gain more knowledge on a subject.

Creating Evergreen content is a great way to showcase your expertise, have content that is capable of providing results long after you've posted them, and help your search engine rankings skyrocket.