Are you signed up for a free Google Analytics account? If you have a website but you’re not tracking your results, how are you supposed to know anything? How do you know if your new product offering is effective? How do you know if people are leaving your site without looking around?

Every photographer who’s running their own website to host their portfolio, run their blog, and give clients a place to contact you should be familiar with the most basic of Analytics. You should know what works for your business and what doesn’t. If you’re not able to measure your efforts, how are you going to know if you’re growing your business or throwing your money into a hole in the ground?

There are more reports and statistics that Google can provide than you’ll ever know what to do with, so for the rookie’s at Web Analytics, let me provide for you the Top 5 Google Analytics KPI’s that you should know.

1. Audience – You should know a few key things about your audience. How many sessions is your website getting, how many unique users are on your site, and the how many are new visitors vs returning visitors? Run this report weekly and keep an eye on it. You should know if a new blog post about a specific shoot brought in a lot of new visitors or if it’s your returning audience. You should know how many times someone came to your site in a week. Following this, will let you know if your content is being seen. And if that’s something you already worry about, wouldn’t it be nice to know what the benchmark is, so you can see when you’ve done something that helps grow your web traffic?

2. Traffic Sources – How people find your website is extremely important. Visitors can come from different “sources” including: Organic Search (google, yahoo, bing) Paid Search (Google Adwords), Referral (Visitors that came from a direct link on another site), Social (Facebook, Twitter), and direct traffic! You should always know how people are coming to your site!

3. Page Tracking –  Bounce Rate and Average Session Duration. Bounce rate refers to the percentage of single page visits. You want to make sure that site visitors are engaged and are looking at multiple pages if you want to convert them into clients! Average Session Duration is the average time users spend on your site. By knowing your bounce rate and average session duration, you can identify where customers are coming from, what they are looking for, and whether they found what they wanted from your site.

4. Conversion rate – As a photographer, your site is your store. The conversion rate tells you how effective is your store at closing deals. The basic calculation is (Number of Inquiries) / (Number of Visits) = Conversion Rate. If you’re getting a lot of visits but not many inquiries, you need to look at your site usability and design, pricing, copy or a multitude of other factors. This is a good metric to keep an eye on when you launch new products, to see if you can convert more people into clients, or at least inquiries.

5. Cost Per Acquisition – Cost per Acquisition is a critical marketing metric. If can tell you which campaigns can drive your sales and which will become a costly pile. CPA tells you how much you need to spend to get a paying customer. Why is it so important? Because it helps you determine the true return on investment. If a campaign brings you only clicks but no inquiries, it’s not successful.

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