The Marketing funnel is a really simple concept that helps you visualize the path a potential client takes as they become more familiar with your business, your brand. From Introduction to conversion (and hopefully beyond). 

Marketing Funnel

This week, we're focusing on the first stage of the Marketing funnel, Discovery. 

In this stage of the funnel, people are strangers to your brand and are just starting to learn who you are. This is someone's first experience with your brand is. It usually comes thru content you're putting out on social media, or by having other clients share your work with them. 

This is the widest part of your funnel, you want content in this stage of the funnel to be aimed at the most people as possible. Areas that are primarily part of the Discovery stage include your Blog posts, social media posts, and any features or publications of your work. 

Since the people in this stage don't know the value of your work yet, you should focus on establishing yourself as trustworthy and an expert in your field. If you can, this is where you should be sharing free content with your audience.