Facebook allows for all sorts of targeting when creating ads. Did you know that relationship status is one of those demographics you can select? Let me show you how to build a custom audience that targets women that are newly engaged so you can advertise directly to the clientele you want.

Go into Facebook’s Ads Manager and create a new ad. Your first step is to define your marketing objective, for this one, let’s try and focus on getting women who are recently engaged clicking to your website, the ideal goal for any wedding photographer.


Next, you’re going to want to start building your audience, here I’ve selected a few of the major metropolitan areas that I service, Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Huntsville, Birmingham, and Little Rock are all within a few hours of me, choose a few areas that you service for you. Also, select women (let’s face it guys, women are more likely to be the ones finding and selecting their wedding photographer).

You can also limit the age range of the women you will be targeting, not a huge requirement since we’re about to limit it based on demographic data, but it’s something you can do to help find the people that will be a great fit with your company.

The results of my narrowed market. In those cities, there are about 37,000 people that match my specifications.

Now that you’ve built your audience, you can set your budget for the ad, and build an ad targeting the engaged women in your area.

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