Hi, I'm Michael! 

I'm a photographer with a marketing problem... or a marketer with a photography problem. In the last 10ish years I've been on a dual journey. Professionally working in marketing, focusing on growing brands, building engagement, and working with analytics. 

Personally, I've been experimenting and growing as a photographer just as long. I am a strong believer in personal work, and figuring out what I can reveal about myself thru my photographs. You can catch my photography at This is Michael Kee


So let me explain the purpose of this blog to you, throughout my career working around photographers, there are a lot of amazing people out there creating amazing work. However, they can't sustain themselves as a business. Taking a great photo isn't enough to create a growing, profitable business anymore. The barriers to entry in this industry are lower than ever, and I want to start a discussion about the business of photography. I'm going to share different marketing principles here and provide the information you need to build your better brand.