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About Me!

I’m a Memphis Wedding photographer born and raised in the Mid-South. I’m a Digital Marketing Expert who focuses on digital marketing, SEO, brand identity, and marketing strategy.

My favorite movie trilogy is Back to the Future.

I can explain everything you need to know about the Rocky saga in under 5 minutes.

I like to shoot film. There’s something timeless about it that creates a unique and beautiful end result every time. I develop and scan my own film at home. My free weekends are spent hiking to waterfalls around the Mid-South with friends and taking unique photos. I believe Sunday’s are for exploring.

My favorite dessert is Peanut Butter Pie from Hog and Hominy. I develop my own film and I bought my first hammock recently.

I share a birthday with Bill Murray, and I like coming up with grandiose ideas.

My two pups are named Harvie and Gordon after Batman characters. 

I shoot weddings with my fiancée Cassie, you can see all of our awesome work right here